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Competitor Research Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Any business owner would agree that the growth of a business lies in the ability to compete with its business rivals. With online marketplace becoming increasingly competitive, a business’ capability to dominate on the competition can determine its long-term growth. As per seasoned professionals from a digital marketing agency in Virginia Beach to conquer the online marketplace, it is essential to understand the consumers’ behavior and offer them the right content to feed on before formulating the digital marketing strategy.

In order to align a business’s online marketing efforts with the goals and aspirations of the company, Digital marketing agencies suggest undertaking the task of online competitor research. So, let’s understand how a digital marketing consultant performs analytical online competitor research.

Identify Your SEO Competitors

The first step is to find out that ranks highest for the primary search keywords that are associated with your business. Most often a brand’s SEO competitor can be different from its actual competitor. The SEO competitor could even be from different industry.

To start with your SEO competitor research, make a list of all the leading search words and phrases that are associated with your brand, products, and services. Then check what all businesses and brands show up for the terms. If the same brand appears for multiple searches, consider that brand to be your competitor. But one thing businesses should keep in mind that buyers behavior changes over time. Use words and phrases in organic languages.

 Check their Backlinks

The next step after analyzing the SEO competitors is checking the backlink profile. Analyzing the backlink profile is essential as strong links improve a site domain authority. On the other hand, if the sites have low-quality backlinks, the search engine can mark the website as spam. It ultimately drops the ranking of the site. A healthy backlink should be from websites that have a high domain authority, instill trust and have followed tag.

Analyze their Blog

Even with many other social media tools, blogging remains an essential digital marketing strategy component. The first thing to analyze in a competitor’s blog is its quality. Determine whether the blog posts are a mere piece of writing overfilled with keywords or an insightful piece of information. With the advancement in the field of voice searches, contents that are focused on addressing the key concerns of the consumers in the language they understand best not only helps the website rank higher but also converts well. The purpose of a blog is not limited only to increase a brand’s SEO ranking. With high-quality blog posts, a brand can quickly grow and convert a potential visitor into a customer.

Identify the social media competitors.

To achieve your business goal, it is essential to determine your brand’s social media competitors. Through social media, brands can significantly grow their followers, reach out to as many people as they want and leverage the easy hacks to ensure they are present across social media. Several tools in the market can help you determine who your social media competitors are. By using platforms like Hootsuite, you can keep a tack on their online activities.